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Science Museum of London

science museum

Science Museum in London is a part of the National Museum of science and industry. This has turned out be a very famous destination among tourists and they enjoy coming here again and again. It has a huge collection of items and the best part is they keep on bringing new ones.

“Quality is never an accident but is always a result of intelligent effort” this quotation is very much applicable with this museum for its effort in bringing out the best on a consistent basis. Science Museum provides platform for young talent from across the globe,

It was founded in 1857 under Bennet Woodcroft from the collection of Royal Society of Arts and also excess items from Great Exhibition. It has seen many phases before coming to its present form. At present it has more than 300,000 exhibits and it enjoys a lot of visitors on a regular basis per day.

Science Museum medical collection is worth mentioning and if not the best is certainly one of the best in the world. It includes Clinical Medicine, Biosciences and Public health. This museum talks about contemporary science to the public and is a place to get information about different things in an easy manner.

The Science Museum has an excellent library and until 1960 it was the Britain’s National Library for Science, Medicine and Technology. Scholars from different parts of the world get in touch with this library for related things.

It has many historical items and it is worth coming here for these items. You will be mesmerized by looking at Stevenson’s Rocket, Charles Babbage’s Difference engine, Locomotive built by George Stevenson and the famous model of DNA by James Watson’s among many others. This museum is made up of different temporary galleries as well like “Flight” – a gallery for aeroplanes and helicopters. You can go for “Making the Modern World” which is one of the best galleries and it houses some iconic collections as well.

“Science Night” is another interesting thing that Science museum offers. In this, 380 children along with adults can spend the night here. This is accompanied with many other activities which children will love and enjoy. Since 2001 this museum is free for all visitors and is one of the best places for British.

“The Dana Centre” is an urban bar and cafe which provides platform for some serious scientific discussion among adults. It was open in 2003 and since then has shown strong presence. Many other activities also goes on here and after it was made free for all in 2001. Since then it has been a great hit among all visitors.

Space is another historical gallery which shows and tells about human space exploration. It also shows what changes and how beneficial this space exploration has been regarding telecommunication.

London has many places to visit and it is on you which one you want to choose. If you have not been to Science Museum before, then make sure you do visit it. Among one of the most visited museums in London, Science museum is fascinating for everyone as is the city London.

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